Bootstrap Kombucha, located at 4085 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 105B in San Diego, is a company that brews real kombucha.  They use ancient recipes, good quality water, and organic ingredients, believing that kombucha is best when served fresh, local, and on tap.  The result is an honest and authentic product that’s tasty, refreshing, and good for you.

Bootstrap Kombucha employees three people, Chef Susan McMillion, James Farnworth, and James’ son Ryen, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, and they opened doors in May 2016.  James knew he wanted his next entrepreneurial endeavor to be centered around kombucha, and he also wanted to open a business in which his family can work together.  What they created is a company that truly brings benefits to others through the combination of education and a great product.

James found Veteran Launch after searching for “SBA loans” and “veterans”.  Despite finding a few options close by in San Diego, James chose Veteran Launch: “Noah [Harris, Managing Director] was responsive and interested in our business idea.  I felt comfortable with him, which made me decide to work with Veteran Launch.  He was a great friend and help during the entire process.”

Bootstrap Kombucha’s loan was for working capital, which allowed them to, in part, cover operating expenses.  Their team had already invested a lot into the company by the time they received their loan, but James reflects, “The loan really put us over the top.  The process of completing the permitting process and getting the doors open took longer than we thought.  The additional capital made it easier when it came time to open.”

James offers great advice to both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs: “Designate time for yourself and pace yourself.  We have to be creative and process a lot of information to be successful in our businesses, and when you’re burnt out, you’re not at your best.  Taking time off lets you be your best self.”
If you’ve tried kombucha and think you don’t like it, you owe it to yourself to try it once more at Bootstrap Kombucha’s location or at one of the restaurants that serves their product around San Diego.